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Official Website of KLDE Radio 105.3 FM San Angelo, Texas, and on 104.9 FM from Eldorado, TX. Online listers may simply click on the "Listen Live" button located on this website. Shortwave Radio fans, you can also listen to our broadcast by tuning your HF receiver to 25.910 Khz, using the FM setting. Thousands of Loyal Listeners enjoy KLDE everyday.

Radio Station KLDE in San Angelo, Texas (105.3 FM) and Eldorado, Texas (104.9 FM) features an eclectic brand of Rock and Roll Oldies, with an additional amount of SPANISH language music. All this fun is broadcast to about 200,000 people living in Western Central Texas, across a land area of 36,000 square miles (roughly equal in size to all three of the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, AND Massachusetts).

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KLDE Radio radiates 50,000 watts of power from the top of the Edwards Plateau, covering most of the principle arterial state highways that interconnect with Interstate Highways IH-10 and IH-20 across Western Central Texas, providing KLDE with a daily traffic count of an additional 100,000 potiential listeners.

KLDE Radio features an epically vast music library that covers over fifty years of popular music — from the roots of Rock and Roll in the 1950's, to the British Invasion, Motown Sounds and Flower Power Era of the 1960's, to the Singer Songwriter Era and Disco Dance Music Era of the 1970's, and even featuring some popular hits from the 1980's, 1990's, and 2000's.

PHONE: (325) 853-1049
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We are proud to present radio programming that is designed to meet the needs and problems of the local community, that strives to be family-friendly and, which reflects the traditions and values of the diverse peoples living within the communities that we serve. This committment extends to our providing a proportionate amount of high quality Spanish language Music and Information, as well.


Estamos orgullosos de presentar a su familia, programas de radio, que reflejan las tradiciones y valores de la diversidad de las personas que viven dentro de las comunidades a las que servimos. Nuestro compromiso en esta materia se extiende a nuestra proporcionando una cantidad proporcional de alta calidad de la Música y de la Información, que se presentaba en el idioma español, también.

  1. Listeners choose Local Radio over all other media sources as their primary source for entertainment and information.
  2. Listeners choose Local Radio as their primary social media over online options an average of 62% vs. 45%.
  3. Listeners choose Local Radio as their primary media source for an average of 2.3 hours per day.
  4. Listeners still choose Local Radio as their #1 source of music discovery despite numerous newer forms of music audio source options existing today.
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  1. 96% of Americans who have driven or ridden in a car in the past month have also listened to the car FM / AM radio.
  2. In-car radio listening averages 2 hours and 15 minutes weekdays, and just a bit over 2 hours on weekends.
  3. In-car listening to local FM / AM radio stations has actually increased every year since 1999, despite new media options that continue fragmenting listening choices.
  4. Local radio regularly reaches consumers within two hours of their largest purchase of the day. What better time is there to advertise your business, than reaching customers on their car radio while they are driving to do today’s shopping?
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  1. PHONE BOOKS -- Today, people have access to much more Local Business information from Google than they ever did from old fashioned printed phone directories. So, WHY spend good money for any display ad in a phone directory, when potential customers can hear your business advertising on local radio and then just look you up online if they are interested?
  2. Bus bench ads OR on public transportation -- Today, consumers who have disposable incomes tend to own more than one personal vehicle. Enough said?
  3. Television -- made sense back when there were only three major networks and local TV Stations broadcast over the air for free (like radio still does). Today, with hundreds of channels from sources like Cable and Satellite TV, not to mention TIVO or NETFLICKS, the odds of local consumers seeing a short 15-30 second ad about your business (if they're not zapping through it) is not very good. More importantly, will viewers even recall your ad if they only see it once or twice? With high production costs and low frequency of local insert schedules, can you actually afford the price of local TV advertising?

We came across a Video Clip on YouTube - but never saw it when it ran the first time LIVE on TV because, like you (and most everyone else), we spend more time listening to LOCAL RADIO and going ONLINE to the INTERNET than sitting around reading Phone Books or watching local network Television stations.

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Certainly one of the most classic radio call signs in West Texas history; KPEP, is back on the air, now in Eldorado, Texas - and we are playing all of the original Country Classics from the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, and even some of your more recent traditional Country Music Favorites. We feature one of the largest Country Music libraries in the radio business, and we enjoy playing your favorite music - because it's our favorite music too.

Starting in the early 1950's and lasting for almost a quarter century, KPEP was an important part of the very first country music radio network. Almost every Major American Music Artist, both Country and Pop, owed much of their initial success by being played FIRST in West Texas on KPEP Radio… including; Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and the Crickets, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings,  Jerry Naylor and the Cavaliers, Sonny James, Faron Young, Conway Twitty, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Bill Anderson, Kitty Wells, Loretta Lynn, Ray Price, and many more.

If you miss great country music that made listening to your radio important for your Western Texas lifestyle, then tune in TODAY to the all-new KPEP FM 106.5, and enjoy remembering your favorite Country Classics on West Texas' Original Country Radio Station.
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Eldorado High School Football Broadcasts
are Sponsored by these fine local businesses:
  •  Southwest Texas Electric Co-op
  •  First Natl. Bank of Eldorado
  •  Wesley Crooks Ranch Realty
  •  Eldorado Ministerial Alliance
  •  John E. Meador Construction
  •  Grogan's Farm and Ranch
     in San Angelo
  •  Dunbar East Restaurant
      in San Angelo
  •  Veribest Irrigation
  •  1st Community
      Federal Credit Union
  •  Crowder Services
  •  West Texas Feed
      & Mercantile in Eldorado
  •  Mittel Insurance Agency
  •  Occasion's Boutique
  •  Hudspeth Memorial Hospital in Sonora
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